Coronavirus and the Cry For Help


According to Federal Health authorities, the coronavirus is expected to spread more rapidly and is becoming a world concerned. The outbreak, which was discovered late last year, is nothing new. A similar outbreak occured many years ago and now the virus seemly has resurfaced with a more deadly impact. Since the discovery of the virus, many individuals have lost their lives while others are placed in isolation. To date, medical experts have not discovered the vaccine for the virus and how the spread of it can be contained. The health department has provided steps that individuals can take to reduce the chance of been infected (washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough, etc.). Although this outbreak is spreading very quickly, I am reminding you to take courage in the fact that there is safety in the shadows of the almighty God, Jesus Christ. According to Psalm 91, If you dwell in the secret place of the Lord, you will be protected. He promised us that He will bless our bread, water and take sickness from in the midst of us. There is still hope today.


Written by Kadesha Henry